Coleman StormBeam Dynamo Flashlight With Radio

Coleman StormBeam Dynamo Flashlight With Radio
Item# 4346-701

Product Description

Strong, reliable, and easy to use, Coleman's StormBeam Flashlights are designed specifically for use during power outages, storms, and other emergencies. The StormBeam Dynamo Flashlight With Radio features a built-in FM radio to help you track weather reports and developing emergency situations. The StormBeam Dynamo has a built-in hand crank to recharge the flashlight with no outside power source, so you'll always have light when you need it. Just one minute of hand-cranking yields 30 minutes of useable light. The Dynamo's ultra-bright 5MM LED sheds strong, reliable light and will never need to be replaced. The flashlight's NiMH battery pack (included) offers consistent charging.

  • No outside power source needed, ideal for power outages, emergencies, and more
  • Built in FM radio to keep up with weather and emergency broadcasts
  • 30 Minutes of light for 1 minute of winding
  • Ultra bright 5MM LED never needs replacing